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Next Stop Tokyo and Hiroshima

Tomorrow I head for Tokyo and then Hiroshima.In 3 weeks time I'll be in Budapest again!

PCW next stop Austria and other news

I just concluded a level 2 PCW training in Japan and am about to run a level 2 PCW training in Austria. Below is a photo from an evening session in Nagoya

The Vienna event starts in a few week's …

PCW Business Practitioner

PCW Level 1 – Overview 3 days

This is an overview of the tools available in the PCW model. You begin to explore the power and possibilities of adopting the PCW …

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What is Provocative Change Works?

PCW is a method of communication which creates the possibility for dynamic change in an accelerated and conversational manner. The practitioner provokes new ideas and feelings changing the client's previous "stuck state of thinking" to create new, long lasting and measurable possibilities.

This can be applied in a therapeutic, coaching, business or personal development context. PCW works as a problem solving process empowering the client to create their own conclusions for themselves, rather than offer solutions to the problem.

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PCW Training There are three key elements to PCW

I have found this combination to produce the fastest, most successful and lasting results when working with clients. I used the Provocative Change Works™ approach in 2006 when appearing on BBC Radio for a 6 month series of live one hour programmes where I cured phobics live on the air using these tools.

I also use this approach in my private practice and the approach is demonstrated extensively on the "Provocative Change Works™ for Phobias" DVD set, which shows me working with long standing phobics producing some really excellent results.

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